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Android for Programmers, 3/e Cover

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-428936-6
ISBN-10: 0-13-428936-6
© 2016, pp. ~400

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Chapter 2

  • 9 lines above section 2.5.7: values-xlarge should be values-w600dp-h600dp.

Chapter 3

  • Fig. 3.13, extends Activity should be extends AppCompatActivity.

Chapter 4

  • Section 4.5.3's title should be "Layout Editor's Design-View Toolbar"
  • Fig. 4.22: "Graphical Layout editor" should be "Design view"

 Chapter 6

  • Section 6.6's title should be "MainActivity Subclass of AppCompatActivity"
  • Section 6.6: The Empty Activity template no longer generates a menu for the MainActivity, so you don't need to delete any methods from the autogenerated MainActivity class.

 Chapter 9

  • Figure 9.25 line 31: != should be ==.


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