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Android How to Program, 3/e Cover

Full Color Presentation!

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-444430-7
ISBN-10: 0-13-444430-2
© 2016, pp. 842


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Android How to Program with an Introduction to Java, 3/eMinimize

Millions of people worldwide have learned programming with Deitel® textbooks, professional books, e-learning, LiveLessons video training and online resource centers. Android™ How to Program with an Introduction to Java™, 3/e provides a clear and entertaining introduction to app development for college courses. The book’s app-driven approach teaches each new technology in the context of eight fully coded and tested Android apps, complete with code walkthroughs and sample outputs. The apps you’ll develop include Welcome App, Tip Calculator, Flag Quiz, Doodlz, Cannon Game, Weather Viewer with REST-base web services, Twitter® Searches and Address Book—all covered under a Creative Commons license.

Key Topics

  • Android 6, Android Studio, Android Virtual Devices 
  • Material Design App Templates and Themes 
  • AppCompat Library, Android Design Support Library, RecyclerView, FloatingActionButton, TextInputLayout 
  • Material Design Elevation, Icons, Color Palette 
  • Vector Asset Studio, Theme Editor 
  • REST Web Services/JSON, Threading, SQLiteDatabase, Android 6 Permissions, Logging 
  • Cursors, Loaders, LoaderManager, ContentProviders 
  • Supporting Various Screen Sizes/Resolutions 
  • Activities, Activity Lifecycle, Intents, Preferences 
  • Fragments: Lifecycle, Transactions, Back Stack 
  • Accessibility, Internationalization, Localization 
  • GUIs, Layouts, Menus, Resource Files, Events, Touch and Gesture Processing, Images, Audio 
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation with SurfaceView 
  • Graphics, View Animations, Tweened Animations 
  • Sensors, Immersive Mode, PrintHelper 
  • Google PlayStore, App Publishing, Pricing, Marketing, Monetization: In-App Advertising, In-App Billing, Virtual Goods 
  • Java Fundamentals, Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Collections, Event Handling, Threading. 
  • And more (see the Table of Contents and the Preface)

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