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C++ How to Program, 6/e Cover

ISBN: 0132662361
© 2012, pp. 1100

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C++ How to Program, 8/e, Early Objects Version

Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel, both from Deitel & Associates, Inc.
© 2012, 1100 pp., paper (0-13-266236-1)


Reviewer Testimonials

  • Finally, an accurate and complete C++ book that everybody can understand. It will help you achieve a solid knowledge of C++ and software engineering. A ‘must-have. —José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia, Spain
  • As an instructor, I appreciate the thorough discussion of the C++ language, especially the use of code examples and demonstration of best coding practices. For my consulting work I use the Deitel books as my primary reference.—Dean Mathias, Utah State University
  • Will whet your appetite for the new C++ features being standardized.—Ed Brey, Kohler Co.
  • The Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance chapter is well done. Excellent introduction to polymorphism. —David Topham, Ohlone College
  • Just when you think you are focused on learning one topic, suddenly you discover you’ve learned more than you expected.—Chad Willwerth, University of Washington, Tacoma
  • I really like the Making a Difference programming exercises. The game programming [in the Functions chapter] gets students excited.—Virginia Bailey, Jackson State University
  • It’s great that the text introduces object-oriented programming early. The car analogy was well-thought out. An extremely meticulous treatment of control structures. The virtual function figure and corresponding explanation in the Polymorphism chapter is thorough and truly commendable. —Gregory Dai, eBay, Inc.
  • An excellent ‘objects first’ coverage of C++ that remains accessible to beginners. The example-driven presentation is enriched by the optional OO design case study that contextualizes the material in a software engineering project. —Gavin Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • It is excellent that [the authors] use the STL and standard libraries early.—John Dibling, SpryWare
  • Provides a complete basis of fundamental instruction in all core aspects of C++. Examples provide a solid grounding in the construction of C++ programs. A solid overview of C++ Stream I/O. —Peter DePasquale, The College of New Jersey
  • Great discussion about the mistakes resulted from using = for == and vice versa! —Wing-Ning Li, University of Arkansas
  • Thorough and detailed coverage of exceptions from an object-oriented point of view. —Dean Mathias, Utah State University
  • Chapter 20 (Data Structures) is very good. The examples are accessible to CS, IT, software engineering and business students.—Thomas J. Borrelli, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • The Simpletron exercises are brilliant. The Polymorphism chapter explains one of the hardest topics to understand in OOP in a clear manner. Great job! The writing is excellent, the examples are well developed and the exercises are interesting.—José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia, Spain
  • Introducing the UML early is a great idea.—Raymond Stephenson, Microsoft
  • Good use of diagrams, especially of the activation call stack and recursive functions. —Amar Raheja, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Terrific discussion of pointers—the best I have seen.—Anne B. Horton, Lockheed Martin
  • Great coverage of polymorphism and how the compiler implements polymorphism ‘under the hood.’ I wish I had such a clear presentation of data structures when I was a student.—Ed James-Beckham, Borland
  • A nice introduction to searching and sorting, and Big-O.—Robert Myers, Florida State University
  • Will get you up and running quickly with the memory management and regular expression libraries. —Ed Brey, Kohler Co.
  • Excellent introduction to the Standard Template Library (STL). The best book on C++ programming for the serious student!—Richard Albright, Goldey-Beacom College
  • Each code example is completely reviewed. This is a critical step for students to learn good programming practices.—Jack R. Hagemeister, Washington State University
  • The most thorough C++ treatment I’ve seen. Replete with real-world case studies covering the full software development lifecycle. Code examples are extraordinary!—Terrell Hull, Logicalis Integration Solutions



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