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C++ How to Program, 4/e Cover

ISBN: 0130384747
© 2004

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C++ How to Program, 4/e
The complete, authoritative Deitel® live-code introduction to C++, Object-Oriented Design (OOD) with the UML™ and Web programming with CGI The world's best selling C++ textbook is now even better! Designed for beginning through intermediate courses, C++ How to Program, Fourth Edition, includes many new features. This Fourth Edition of the world's most widely used C++ textbook explains C++'s extraordinary capabilities, presents an optional object-oriented design and implementation case study with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) from the Object Management Group™, and introduces n-tier Web-applications development with CGI.
C++ How to Program's teaching resources include Web sites (, and with the book's code examples (also on the enclosed CD) and information for faculty, students and professionals; an optional CD (C Multimedia Cyber Classroom, 4/e) with solutions to approximately half the exercises in C++ How to Program, 4/e, interactivity features—including hyperlinks and audio walkthroughs of the code examples; and access to the authors at

Professors and Instructors: Contact your Prentice Hall representative to request an examination copy. Locate your Prentice Hall representative.

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