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Tour of the Book (Page 7): C++ How to Program, 4/e
Appendix A Operator Precedence Chart
presents the complete set of C++ operator symbols, in which each operator appears on a line by itself with the operator symbol, its name and its associativity.
Appendix B ASCII Character Set
All the programs in this book use the ASCII character set, which is presented in this appendix
Appendix C Number Systems
Discusses the binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal number systems. It considers how to convert numbers between bases and explains the one's complement and two's complement binary representations.
Appendix D C++ Internet and Web Resources
Contains a listing of valuable C++ resources, such as demos, information about popular compilers (including "freebies"), books, articles, conferences, job banks, journals, magazines, help, tutorials, FAQs (frequently asked questions), newsgroups, Web-based courses, product news and C++ development tools.
Appendix E Introduction to XHTML
Provides an introduction to XHTML—a markup language for describing the elements of a Web page so that a browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, can render that page. The reader should be familiar with the contents of this appendix before studying Chapter  , Web Programming with CGI. This appendix does not contain any C++ programming. Some key topics covered include incorporating text and images in an XHTML document, linking to other XHTML documents, incorporating special characters (such as copyright and trademark symbols) into an XHTML document, separating parts of an XHTML document with horizontal lines (called horizontal rules), presenting information in lists and tables, and collecting information from users browsing a site.
Appendix F XHTML Special Characters
Lists many commonly used XHTML special characters, called character entity references.
Over 100 books and articles to encourage the student to do further reading on C++ and OOP.
The book contains a comprehensive index to enable the reader to locate by keyword any term or concept throughout the text.
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