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Deitel Books Available Through CourseSmart.comMinimize

Today's students and instructors have increasing demands on their time and money. Our publisher, Pearson, has responded to that need by offering digital texts and course materials online through CourseSmart. CourseSmart allows faculty to review course materials online saving time and costs and offers students a high quality digital version of the text for as much as 50% off the cost of a print copy of the text.

The following Deitel books are currently available, or will be available, via CourseSmart:


  • CourseSmart saves time. Instructors can review and compare textbooks at one easy-to-navigate, secure website.
  • CourseSmart is environmentally sound. When instructors use CourseSmart, they help reduce the time, cost, and environmental impact of mailing print exam copies.
  • CourseSmart reduces student costs. Instructors can offer students a lower-cost alternative to traditional print textbooks.CourseSmart


  • CourseSmart is convenient. Students have instant access to exactly the materials their instructor assigns.
  • CourseSmart offers choice. With CourseSmart, students have a high-quality alternative to the print textbook.
  • CourseSmart saves money. CourseSmart digital solutions can be purchased for as much as 50% less than traditional print textbook.
  • CourseSmart offers education value. Students receive the same content offered in the print textbook enhanced by the search, note-taking, and printing tools of a web application.

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Update :: January 17, 2020