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Problems Installing Netbeans on Windows 7Minimize

If you are having trouble installing Netbeans 6.5.1 on Windows 7, you might need to perform the following manual steps. Then you should be all set.

  1. Ensure that the JDK is already installed.
  2. If the installer is on a CD, Copy the EXE file for the Netbeans 6.5.1 installer onto your hard disk.
  3. Note the location of the installer.
  4. Open a Command Prompt running as administrator:
    1. Go to Start button > All Programs > Accessories
    2. Right click Command Prompt
    3. Select Run as administrator
  5. In the Command Prompt use the cd command to change to the directory containing the installer.
  6. Execute the following command to extract the contents of the installer: [Note: You might need to change the name of the installer to match the one you have.]

           netbeans-6.5.1-ml-java-windows.exe  --extract

  7. Execute the following command to manually execute the installer:

           java  -jar  bundle.jar

You will see rapid scrolling output in the Command Prompt window for a few moments, then the installer window will appear to begin the installation process.

Once Netbeans is installed on Windows 7, you may also need to run Netbeans as an Administrator--especially for database, web application and web services development, which each require server resources.



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Update :: November 12, 2019