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Simply Java Cover

ISBN: 0131426486
© 2004, pp. 971

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Simply Java Programming: An Application Driven Tutorial Approach, 1/e

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Reviewer Testimonials

“This book is a wonderful way to get started in Java for those who learn best by doing; you don’t just read about language constructs, you build real modern computer applications that demonstrate them as you follow the step-by-step tutorials.” –Paul Mclachlam, Compuware Corporation

“A great choice for business computing students—lots of sample programs and programming problems. Swing applications are integrated from the beginning and the book focuses on problem-solving logic.” –Merrill Parker, Ph.D., Information Systems Technology, Chattanooga State

“What especially impresses me about this text is the absolutely wonderful set of exercises that the authors have included to motivate students to learn programming. I’m really looking forward to using this text in the classroom.” –Ed Weihrauch, Community College of Allegheny County

“The seamless integration of UML, object-oriented programming and design, and GUI concepts make this text an excellent choice for introductory programmers looking for a springboard into advanced technologies.” –Gavin T. Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

“A terrific book appropriate for any Java IDE—it doesn’t flinch at the challenging concepts behind object-oriented programming in Java, yet it takes students through step by step in a straightforward, readable style.” –Catherine Wyman, Senior Professor, DeVry University

“A student who had missed my classes on arrays was having a hard time, so she borrowed Tutorial 8 as I was reviewing your draft manuscript. She came back and said she understood arrays. She is very excited about the book.” –Craig W. Slinkman, Ph.D., University of Texas, Arlington

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