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Multimedia Cyber Classroom: Small Java How to Program

The Small Java Multimedia Cyber Classroom is available for Fall 2005 classes. This FREE Web-based product is an interactive, multimedia, tutorial version of the textbook. Cyber Classrooms are a great value, giving students additional hands-on experience and study aids.

Deitel Multimedia Cyber Classrooms include:

  • The full text, illustrations and program listings of the corresponding How to Program book.

  • Hours of detailed, expert audio, descriptions of hundreds of lines of code that help to reinforce important concepts.

  • An abundance of self-assessment material, including practice exams, hundreds of programming exercises and self-review questions and answers.

  • Intuitive browser-based interface designed to be easy and accessible.

  • A Lab Manual featuring lab exercises as well as pre- and post-lab activities.

  • Student Solutions to approximately one-half of the exercises in the textbookSmall Java Cyber Classroom Solutions List.

  • Interactive features such as highlighting key sections of the text and the ability to write notes in the margins of a given page for future reference.

Students receive access to a protected Web site via access code cards which are packaged for FREE with new textbooks. (Simply tear the strip on the inside of the Cyber Classroom package to reveal the access code.)

To redeem your access code or for more information, please visit:


contact your local Prentice Hall representative

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ISBN: 0131486608
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