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Small Java How to Program Cover

ISBN: 0131486608
© 2005, pp. 600

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Small Java How to Program, 6/e


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What's New In This Edition

Based on Chapters 1-10 (except the optional OOD/UML case study) and appendices of our best-selling Java textbook, Java How to Program, 6/e. Small Java How to Program, 6/e takes a new early classes and objects approach to teaching programming. These topics in the past editions of Java How to Program, were introduced in Chapters 8-10. Now, they are introduced in Chapter 3 and are integrated throughout the book in both the examples and exercises from that point forward.

This special edition of Java How to Program is ideal for one-semester, introductory Java courses and is up-to-date with the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0! The text covers fundamental programming topics, including information likely to be presented in a one-semester, introductory course. Coverage of graphical user interfaces and graphics is designed to be optional in Small Java How to Program.


"Does an excellent job describing the new features included in JDK 5.0…" 
~Doug Kohlert, Sun Microsystems

"Of particular note is the authors' attention to good software engineering."
~Dean Mellas, Cerritos College

"The new Chapter 3 introduces OOP without burying the reader in complexity. I think the level of conceptual detail is perfect. This will be a great help the next time I teach 101. ... I was introduced to JHTP by my students who pleaded with me to drop our current assigned text in favor of JHTP. No other text comes close to its quality of organization and presentation. Its Live-Code approach to presenting exemplary code makes a big difference in the learning outcome."
~Walt Bunch, Chapman University

"This is a very good chapter [9]. It motivates inheritance well and the progression of examples is very nice."
~Stephen Weiss, CS Chairman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"i really enjoyed the way Chapter 10 explained polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces." ~Earl LaBatt, University of New Hampshire

"The optional Graphics & GUI case study track introduces students to some of the more fun things in Java! Working with color, graphics and GUI always gets their attention!"
~Karen Arlien, Bismark State College

"Classes are introduced early. The authors separate the functionality of the class from the testing of the class, emphasizing good program design principles."
~Craig W. Slinkman, University of Texas-Arlington

"A well-written presentation of object-based programming principles."  
Marita Ellixson, Eglin AFB, Univ. of Arkansas, Indiana Wesleyan Univ., Lead Facilitator

"The UML material is very well done and a huge asset."
~Gavin Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute

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