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Operating Systems, 3/e Cover

ISBN: 0131828274
© 2004, pp. 1300

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Operating Systems, 3/e

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  • Two-color design/thought-provoking anecdotes
  • 300 illustrations/figures.
  • Chapter outlines
  • Recommended readings/bibliography
  • Extensive index.
  • 2374 citations/Internet & Web Resources.
  • 700 self-review exercises and answers (2 per section).
  • 1800 term glossary/key terms sections in each chapter.
  • 900 exercises.
  • Concurrent programming with Java (optional).
  • Audited to the ACM/IEEE CC 2001 OS Course Requirements.
  • Reviewed by distinguished academics and professionals.
  • Instructor's resources and ancillaries, including PowerPoint slides, Test-Item File, Solution's Manual and other support Web sites with up-to-date information on the book)
Third Edition Reviewer comments:

"Uses a unique teaching style to present, in an unparalleled pedagogical approach, the evolution of fifty years of operating systems research; no other book provides as accessible and comprehensive a tutorial."

Euripides Montagne
University of Central Florida

"Deitel understands the Linux kernel very well and is very good at explaining it. Even though I have been a heavy Linux user and SysAdmin for eight years and have hacked both Linux and Unix kernels, I learned a lot."

Bob Toxen
Author of Real World Linux Security, 2/e and Contributor to Berkeley Unix

"This is a comprehensive update of the classic book by Harvey Deitel in the light of new developments in operating systems over the past decade. The in-depth case studies on Linux and Windows XP connect abstract ideas of OS design to two of the fastest growing real-world operating systems."

Dibyendu Baksi
Scientific Technologies Corp

"This book is excellent; a superb mix of theory and application; spot-on accuracy, relevancy and application of case
studies to the theory of OS design."

Robert Love

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