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Python for ProgrammersMinimize

Note: Please do not purchase both Python for Programmers and our textbook Intro to Python for Computer Science and Data science. The "for Programmers" book is a subset of the textbook. Key differences include:

  • The textbook is in full color and the print professional book is in black and white. The e-book of Python for Programmers is in color
  • The textbook has 557 integrated self-check exercises and another 471 end-of-chapter exercises. The professional book does not have exercises. 
  • The textbook has a chapter on recursion, searching, sorting and Big O, which is meant for college computer science courses. 
  • In the early chapters of the professional book, we removed low-level pedagogical material geared to novice programmers.
  • As of today the full-color textbook is retailing on Amazon for approximately $82 and the black and white professional book is retailing for approximately $61 (prices do change, so please check amazon for the latest pricing).

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Update :: January 17, 2020