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Simply Visual Basic 2008
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ISBN: 0136053033
© 2007, pp. 800

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Simply Visual Basic 2008, 3/e

Simply Visual Basic 2008 An Application Driven Tutorial Approach, 3/e, combines the DEITEL® signature LIVE-CODE Approach with an APPLICATION-DRIVEN, hands-on, step-by-step tutorial methodology, in which readers build real-world applications that incorporate Visual Basic® 2008 programming fundamentals. Readers build and execute complete applications from start to finish while learning the basics of programming from the ground up! Key topics include Visual Basic® 2008 Express IDE, Visual Programming, .NET Framework Class Library, WinForm Controls, Event Handling, Debugger, Control Statements, Methods, Exception Handling, Random Numbers, Arrays, Classes, Objects, Collections, Mouse & Keyboard Event Handling, Strings, Files, Graphics, GUI Design, LINQ, ASP.NET 3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, XAML, Database, Web Applications, Web Services, Visual Web Developer™ 2008 Express IDE and Silverlight.


“A fun way of learning VB. Tips and hands-on guidance give readers an amazing running start in software development.” –April Reagan (Microsoft Corp.)

“The use of graphics and common application topics will capture student interest. The step-by-step approach enables students to work and learn independently. The integrated debugging is superior to the pedagogical approach taken by competing textbooks. [The ASP.NET 3.5 case study with ASP.NET AJAX] would be an excellent starting example for my classes on ASP.NET programming.” –Douglas Bock, Southern Illinois University

“Using real life case studies is one of the best methods of teaching programming I've seen. Superb job! I can’t believe how easy it is now to add a database to an application.” –Edward Hunter, MSCIS (Chapman University College)

“A great collection of practical tutorials and exercises for learning Visual Basic. An excellent book on VB 2008!” –Steve Stein (Microsoft Corporation)

“All you need to start creating great Windows-based and web applications with VB 2008.” –Éric Moreau (Moer, Inc. - Microsoft VB MVP)

“The ‘Building Your Own Classes and Objects’ tutorial is very well done. Marvelous work with collections. Very well organized tutorial introducing WPF and XAML.” –Josh Pauli, Ph.D (Dakota State University)

“I think the typing tutor example is an excellent way to explain windows events and event handling.” –Huanhui Hu (Microsoft Corporation)

“Crystal-clear explanation of the new LINQ technology.” –José Antonio González Seco (Parliament of Andalusia)

“The best explanation and simple demonstration of AJAX that I've seen. I loved the Silverlight tutorial.” –Christopher J. Olson (Dakota State University)

“Loaded with labs and examples. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on LINQ, Silverlight and WPF.” –Chris Williams (Magenic - Microsoft VB MVP)

“Good job introducing Silverlight and how to consume a web service.” –Matt Kleinwaks (Abby Rating Systems, Inc. - Microsoft VB MVP)

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