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Visual Basic 2008 How to Program Cover

ISBN: 013605305X
© 2009, pp. 1400

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Visual Basic 2008 How to Program

Visual Basic 2008 How to Program is now available! You can preorder the book through or


One of the great new features in the book is our Silverlight chapter. Check out the live versions of the examples and exercise solutions! Note that you'll need the beta of Silverlight 2 ( for these examples.



Check out what our reviewers had to say:


"Rich programming examples and explanations of the concepts. An enjoyable read—many ‘light bulb’ moments throughout. I’m a big fan of the gradually developed GradeBook case study! Building the ATM application chapter- by-chapter shows the amount of work in programming a major application. Excellent bank account [file processing] examples. The Silverlight Weather application is great."–James Keysor, Florida Inst. of Tech.



"The best resource to learn object-oriented programming using VB 2008. I recommend this book to novices and advanced programmers."–Jesús Ubaldo Quevedo-Torrero, U.of Wisconsin–Parkside, CS Dept.



"A comprehensive educational experience for the aspiring Visual Basic programmer. From the basics of control flow and data structures to advanced topics like multimedia, generics, Ajax and service protocols, this book teaches you everything you need to know to build great applications the right way." –Joe Stagner, Microsoft



Superb job explaining inheritance. A well-designed introduction to WPF GUI. A good job explaining how XAML can be used to integrate with multimedia, graphics and the Internet." –Amit K. Ghosh, University of Texas, El Paso



"The TV/Video Viewer is an excellent example which will enthuse students and help them see how complex graphics effects can be created easily in WPF. A good example of the power of data binding in WPF. An excellent introduction to SQL database queries and LINQ to SQL." –Ged Mead, Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic), DevCity.Net



"An excellent introduction to XML, LINQ to XML and related technologies." –Helena Kotas, Microsoft



"Very good introduction to WCF and web services protocols." –Marcelo Guerra Hahn, Microsoft



"Impressive introduction to collections and generics!" –Kim Hamilton, Microsoft



"I can’t wait to see what amazing things your readers do once they are armed with this new found knowledge." –Chris Lovett, Software Architect, Microsoft



"Helps you create rich desktop-based Winform or WPF applications, or scalable web-based applications using ASP.NET or Silverlight." –Anand Mukundan, Polaris Software Lab Ltd.


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