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Dive Into iOS 6 cover

ISBN-10: 0133365697
© 2013, pp. ~200


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Dive Into iOS 6: An App-Driven Approach
Coming Soon!


The programmer’s Deitel® quick-start guide to iOS app development using iOS SDK 6, Cocoa Touch®, Xcode® 4.5 and the latest Objective-C® version and idioms

Dive into iOS 6 programming with this brief introduction for new iOS developers! This brief five-chapter e-book gets you started developing great iPhone and iPad apps quickly and publishing them on Apple’s App Store. It’s ideal for people familiar with object-oriented programming in Java, C++, C# or Objective-C (an Objective-C background is not required). The three programming chapters include a simple visually designed app with no programming and two Objective-C based apps presented using the Deitels’ signature app-driven approach—each technology is discussed in the context of a fully developed iOS app, complete with a test-drive, technologies overview, syntax coloring, code walkthroughs and sample outputs.

iOS® App Development 

  • iOS 6, Xcode 4.5, Interface Builder, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch®, iOS Simulator
  • Storyboarding, Segues, Auto Layout, Accessibility, Internationalization
  • Application Templates, Universal Apps
  • Social Framework, iCloud Key-Value Storage, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), Collections, iOS Defaults System
  • GUI, Views, View Controllers, Outlets, Actions, Event Handling

Fully Developed Apps 

  • Welcome, Tip Calculator, Favorite Twitter® Searches

App Business Issues 

  • iOS Developer Program, App Store, Submitting Apps, iTunes Connect
  • What Makes a Great App? 
  • Monetization, Pricing (Free vs. Fee), In-App Purchase, , Selling Virtual Goods
  • Marketing, iAd Network, Advertising

This e-book based on the first several chapters from the forthcoming Deitel print book, iOS 6 for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach, Second Edition, which is expected to be published in 2013. The print book will include additional chapters based on fully developed iOS 6 apps. As each chapter is completed, it will be available to paid subscribers of Safari Books Online—an online library providing subscription access to thousands of e-books, videos and other e-learning resources.


Chapter 1: Introduction to iOS App Development
Introduction to iOS and iOS 6, Cocoa® Touch Frameworks, Xcode® Integrated Development Environment, the iOS Simulator, the Objective-C Programming Language and Object Technology; Downloading Apps from the App Store; Test-Driving the SpotOn Game App in the iPhone and iPad Simulators

“This is a good introductory chapter to set up the book. Some important points are made in this one. I love that you make it clear early that this book is for real developers. This is the kind of book I would buy!”—Firoze Lafeer, Master Developer, Capital One Labs 

“I think it’s a good heads up to what lies ahead.”—Dan Lingman, Partner,

“A pleasant and meaningful first chapter and introduction. Good and interesting description of the features that are relevant to the developer, such as the retina display and a general description of the available frameworks, useful as a handy reference. While not strictly needed for development, a bit of history gives proper context and I appreciate all the references to the iPhone history (models and features), iOS history, and those bits of corporate history (e.g., references to NextStep).”— Marcantonio Magnarapa, Chief Mobile Officer,

“This was a good chapter, and allows a (new) potential developer to get up to speed quickly in terms of both best development practices, and iPhone basic usage. Knowing the basics of how the iOS devices work is central to being able to develop practical applications for the device.”—Cory Bohon, Indie Developer at and Writer at Mac|Life

Chapter 2: App Store and App Business Issues
Setting up an iOS Developer Program Profile; the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Characteristics of Great Apps; App Store Submission and Ad Hoc distribution; Pricing, Monetization, In-App Purchase and the iAd Network; Marketing and Advertising 

“This chapter is excellent. The amount of detail spelling out how to get your app into the hands of beta testers, reviewers (via promo code generation) and apple reviewers is perfect.”—Dan Lingman, Partner,

“The step-by-step directions for managing adhoc testing all the way through to iTunes Connect are very clear and concise! This is a valuable chapter that is lacking in many other books.”—Firoze Lafeer, Master Developer, Capital One Labs

“A large amount of information well condensed into a single chapter without loss of clarity. Good marketing hints and references.”—Marcantonio Magnarapa, Chief Mobile Officer,

Chapter 3: Welcome AppDive-Into® Xcode: Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, Storyboarding and Auto Layout; Universal Apps; Accessibility; Internationalization

“A very good chapter that hides the intricacies of XCode and results in a very inviting read. I especially appreciate the way the reader is smoothly introduced to the whole IDE—it makes everything look really easy.”—Marcantonio Magnarapa, Chief Mobile Officer,

“This chapter gives a great introduction to both Xcode and using Interface Builder to build apps. I really like the fact that you've built upon the "Hello World" model of first programs and included not only a label, but also a UIImage, thereby introducing the reader to additional objects that can be used in the app development process. This was a great chapter that I enjoyed reading.”—Cory Bohon, Indie Developer at and Writer at Mac|Life

“I think the sample app is set up very nicely to demonstrate storyboard and auto layout.”—Firoze Lafeer, Master Developer, Capital One Labs

“I really like the fact that instead of just showing a simple first app, you explained how to handle some of the aspects of a fuller user experience—rotation, universal device support, accessibility and internationalization.—Dan Lingman, Partner,

“I found this a nice introduction chapter. This is the meat that people bought the book for.”—Nick Saers, iOS Developer, Saers

Chapter 4: Tip Calculator App
Introducing Objective-C, Text Fields, Sliders, Outlets, Actions, Event Handling, NSDecimalNumber, NSNumberFormatter and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

“Really solid, logical introduction to the language. Example works well. I really like how language features and concepts were introduced as we needed them in the course of building a real app.”—Firoze Lafeer, Master Developer, Capital One Labs

“This was a great chapter that included a lot of great content showing how to create the Tip Calculator app. I really like that you picked a type of app that included the use of so many features of the iOS development environment and UIKit.—Cory Bohon, Indie Developer at and Writer at Mac|Life

“A well-structured chapter. I especially like that the Interface Builder building phase is well separated from the code section.”—Marcantonio Magnarapa, Chief Mobile Officer,

“I liked the sample project and I think it was pretty easy to follow along with building it.”—Scott Gustafson, Owner/Developer, Garlic Software LLC

Chapter 5: Favorite Twitter® Searches App
Social Framework Sharing, iCloud Key–Value Storage, Collections, Buttons, Scroll Views, Web Views, Alert Dialogs and Storyboard Segues

“This chapter is brilliant because it introduces several new concepts while stimulating the reader by including two key "cool" services: Twitter [Social Framework] and iCloud.”—Marcantonio Magnarapa, Chief Mobile Officer,

“The chapter was well-written, and the examples were great. I especially like that you demonstrated the app before building it from scratch.”—Cory Bohon, Indie Developer at and Writer at Mac|Life

“This is a great way to walk a reader through making an app that illustrates a lot of important concepts.”—Firoze Lafeer, Master Developer, Capital One Labs


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