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3.4  Content Networks

Content networks are websites or collections of websites that provide information in various forms (such as articles, wikis, blogs, etc.). These provide another way of filtering the vast amounts of information on the Internet, by allowing users to go to a trusted site that has already sorted through many sources to find the best content or has provided its own content. Figure 3.2 shows some examples of content networks.

Fig. 3.2 | Content networks.

Content networks—Acquired by the New York Times, About is a collection of information on a wide variety of topics. About was founded in 1996 and provides over 500 guides written by topic experts. The guides include new content as well as links to other websites.

b5media—A blog network with over 200 blogs related to travel, entertainment, technology and more.

Corante—A blog network authored by leading commentators in technology, business, law, science, and culture.

DeitelDeitel Resource Centers (currently about 80 sites and growing rapidly) include links to, and descriptions of, key tutorials, demos, free software tools, articles, e-books, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds and more. Resource Centers are grouped into major topic areas, including Web 2.0, Internet business, programming languages, software development and open source.

eHow—eHow claims over 35,000 articles explaining “how to do just about everything.” The articles are written by members, and the site also features a section of “how to” videos.

Gawker Media—A blog network that includes 14 blogs, such as Gizmodo, Gawker, Valleywag and Lifehacker. The blogs cover a range of topics including technology, gossip and more.

HowStuffWorks—HowStuffWorks offers articles explaining “how the world actually works.” Articles are written by freelance writers, and experts from Consumer Guide and Mobil Travel Guide.

LifeTips—LifeTips provides short articles on both work and general life issues from hundreds of writers. Tips are voted on by readers (who can also mark their favorites for easy access).

9rules—A blog network with a wide range of blog topics. The site also includes social networking aspects.

Suite101—Suite101 offers thousands of articles on a variety of topics written by freelance writers. In addition to the articles, the site also provides discussion areas and free courses.

Weblogs, Inc.—A blog network of 90 blogs, including Engadget, Autoblog and Joystiq. Users can apply to write for one of the blogs (and get paid) or suggest topics for potential new blogs.

Update :: January 20, 2020