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Web 3D Technologies
Web 3D: Flux Forums
Forums: forums. Forums include Ajax3D Google gadgets, Flash, Flex and Flux (integrating X3D technology into rich Internet applications (RIAs)); the 3D tag (3D rendering), Ajax3D Discussion (questions and discussions related to Ajax3D, Ajax3D ideas (get feedback on ideas posed to the Ajax community), Ajax3D support, X3d support, and JavaScript support. A chart indicates how many topics are covered in each forum, the number of posts, and the date of the most recent post.
Media Machine's Virtual Gallery
Media Machine's Virtual Gallery is a selection of virtual scenes produced in Flux Studio, characters, games and other interesting stuff. Users can view and comment on the the gallery entries and embed the code into their web pages. Some of the featured scenes include: a X3D puzzle cube, RockBand, photocube, duck, Maya face, and a GammyBotWar.
"3D on the Cheap: You Say You Want a Revolution?"
Tutorial: "3D on the Cheap: You Say You Want a Revolution?" by Len Bullard. Walkthrough of the Flux Studio 2.0 editor. Describes the main window and menus, the drawing pane, the control window, vertices (the faces of an object), changing the scale of an object, and the preview window.
Media Machines Tutorials
Tutorials: Media Machines (developer of Flux 2.0) series of tutorials that walk users through the different features the software. "Square One"—covers the aspects of Flux 2.0; "Surface and Nurbs"—discusses the different surface nodes available in Flux 2.0; "What the Heck is H-ANIM, and Why Should I Use It?"—describes the H-Anim Wizard for humanoid animation (h-anim) used in the creation of avatars; "Flux Studio: Making a Low Polygon Single Mesh Avatar";" Linking an H-Anim Skeleton to a Single Mesh Avatar;" "Stack Items Using Different Views of Numbers Boxes;" "Sound Onclick"—discusses how to start or end sound by clicking on a screen object; "Link to URL"—discusses creating a clickable object that opens pages into a browser window; "Billboards"—discusses the use of 2D texture on a flat object to give the illusion of 3D; "Create an Arch Using Boolean Union and Extractions in Flux3D"—discusses creating a walk-through arch; "Creating Multiple Boolean Extractions in Flux3D"—discusses creating a box with windows and doors; "Using the Skybox Kit"—discusses the creation of cubic environments and skyboxes in online worlds; "Opening and Closing Doors"—discusses creating doors that open and close onClick; and "Rotate On Touch/Mouse Over"—discusses the control of an object by clicking on it or moving a mouse over it.
"Media Machines Releases Flux Studio™ 2.0..."
Article: "Media Machines Releases Flux Studio™ 2.0 and Flux Player™ 2.0 Virtual Worlds Software," from Marketwire. Discusses the final releases of Flux Studio 2.0 (an open source web browser) and Flux Player 2.0 (a 3D authoring tool) and their latest features. Both tools are free for personal and educational use.
"3D Online: Browser Plugins and More",1697,2041418,00.asp
Article: "3D Online: Browser Plugins and More," by Michael W. Muchmore. Discusses and overviews the features of blaxxum, Bitmanagement Software (BS), Flux Player, Cortona VRML Client 5.0, Vcom3D Venues Beta 3.0, Octaga Player, Ajax3D, and 3D chat worlds.
MediaMachine Developer Forums
Developers forum: MediaMachine's developers' forums discuss Flux Player memory management, controlling avatar navigation, object to object collision, textures, real-time text input, remote navigation, grouping directional light with shape, relative vs. absolute rotation in animation and transparency.
Media Machines Tool Downloads
Free downloads: Media Machines tools for content creators. Includes tools to convert files from Google Sketchup and Autodesk's Max and Maya 3D files to Flux 2.0, and the Flux Studio™ 2.0—a modeling and animation application for developing real-time web 3D content.

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