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Web 3D Technologies
Web 3D: Ajax3D
Web 3D 2007 Symposium
Web 3D 2007 Symposium, April 15-18, 2007, University of Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Sessions include Introduction to X3D; Collada, Unreal, KML2X3D; Ajax3D; Collada Tutorial; 3D Visualization for Cultural Heritage; FVRML/FX3D; and Scene Authoring Interface (SAI). Technical sessions include: Rendering, encoding and transmission, applications, modeling and semantics, multi-user, distributed VEs (virtual environments), interaction and visualization, and virtual humans. FAQ's FAQ. Topics include login and registration issues, user preferences and settings, posting issues, formatting and topic types, user levels and groups, private messaging, and phpbb 2 issues.
"The Open Platform for Rich Web Applications"
Slide presentation: "Ajax3D: The Open Platform for Rich Web Applications," presented by Tony Parisi. Discusses the need, the problem, Ajax, X3D, programming in Ajax, programming in X3D, Ajax3D: a technical definition, Tutorial 1: Hello Ajax3D!, Tutorial 2: Listening for Events, Tutorial 3: Create Node, Insert in Scene, next steps, and the Ajax3D Initiative.
"3D Online: Browser Plugins and More",1697,2041418,00.asp
Article: "3D Online: Browser Plugins and More," by Michael W. Muchmore. Discusses and overviews the features of blaxxum, Bitmanagement Software (BS), Flux Player, Cortona VRML Client 5.0, Vcom3D Venues Beta 3.0, Octaga Player, Ajax3D, and 3D chat worlds.
"The Open Platform for Rich 3D Web Applications"
White paper: "Ajax3D: The Open Platform for Rich 3D Web Applications," by Tony Parisi. Discusses Ajax3D basics, embedding X3D scenes in a web browser, accessing the X3D scene from JavaScript, working with the X3D scene graph; nodes, fields and events, dynamically generating scene graph content, and the Ajax3D initiative.

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