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Web 3D Technologies
Web 3D Technologies Conferences
International Conference Information Visualization
The 11th International Conference Information Visualization
July 2-6
Zurich, Switzerland.
Themes include: Information Visualization Theory and Practice; Applications of Information Visualization; Visual Analytics—Science, Technology and Application; Design and Aesthetics in Visualization; Semantic Web Visualization; Knowledge and Argument Visualization; GeoVisualization and Information Visualization; "Education and Industrial Prospective," "Co-operative Design Visualization," "Mixed and Virtual Reality," International Symposium on Applications of Graph Theory; Human-Computer Interaction for Information Visualization; Knowledge Domain Visualization; Symposium of Digital Art and Gallery; Multimedia and E-learning; Computer Animationa and Information Visualization; Digital Entertainment; Web Visualization; Indigenous Knowledge Visualization; Process Visualization; Information Visualization in Biomedical Informatics; and Computer Games and Their Applications.
Web 3D 2007 Symposium
Web 3D 2007 Symposium
April 15-18, 2007
University of Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Sessions include Introduction to X3D; Collada, Unreal, KML2X3D; Ajax3D; Collada Tutorial; 3D Visualization for Cultural Heritage; FVRML/FX3D; and Scene Authoring Interface (SAI). Technical sessions include: Rendering, encoding and transmission, applications, modeling and semantics, multi-user, distributed VEs (virtual environments), interaction and visualization, and virtual humans.

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