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Python Resource Center


Python Information at
The Python programming language category at provides access to almost 5,000 Python-based, open-source software projects. The projects include applications, libraries, tools, translations of the Python documentation, and Python wrappers for applications and libraries written in other programming languages. Some of the projects you'll find here include games, development tools, testing tools, and various tools, applications and lilibraries for database access, networking, GUIs, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, animation, Web applications, Web services, mathematics, mapping, spreadsheets, XML processing, and many other areas.
Make Python Software Available
Developers of Python modules or applications can learn how to make their software available to the Python community.
"edna" Downloadable Python Script
Free downloadable Python script entitled "edna" developed by Greg Stein. Allows users to access their MP3 collections. Users can browse their collection remotely, merge collections, construct an automatic play list and use its URL support to stream specific songs.
Python 2.3.5 for Windows
Python 2.3.5 for Windows (Enthought Edition) is free for download. Features include wxWindows for Python, the Python Imaging Library, visualization toolkit, a 3D data visualization tool, numerical Python, scientific library for Python, a collection of modules for scientific computing, a Fortran-to-Python interface generator, ZODB and ZEO Object DataBase, and SQL relational database, an extension for SQLite embedded relational database, XML tools, a Python shell and a tool suite for extensible applications.
Python Web Application Framework
Python Web application framework helps users build high performing, elegant Web applications; free for download. The site provides documentation, FAQs, a tutorial, an installation guide, models and templates. A popular site.

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Update :: September 19, 2019