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Python Resource Center


White Papers and Technical Papers
"Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming..."

Paper: "Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming in Python with ATOM" by Michael Papathomas and Anders Andersen. Discusses the ATOM, concurrent model, abstract states, state predicates, synchronization actions, variables, abstract state notifications, message passing, concurrent programming with ATOM, using ATOM in Python, flexible object interactions, object coordination and shared state predicates.

"Implementing a Selective Undo Framework..."
Paper: "Implementing a Selective Undo Framework in Python," by Monty Zukowski. Discusses an overview of the selective Undo, the history module, abstract operation, HistoryNode, Undo, tempListForUndo, removeDoUndoPair, and guidelines for building document objects and possible uses.
"Design Patterns in Python"
Paper: "Design Patterns in Python" by Vespe Savikko. Discusses the singleton pattern, the chain of responsibility pattern and the proxy pattern.
"Persistent Storage of Python Objects in ..."
Paper: "Persistent Storage of Python Objects in Relational Databases," by Joel Shprentz. Discusses relational databases, database access, object models for persistent storage, persistent objects, storage representation, object creation, access to attributes, data managers, object conversion, object caching, template files and the development cycle.
"Python in a Commercial Environment"
Case Study: "Python in a Commercial Environment" by Greg Stein, Discusses prototyping with Python for use in an online shopping application.
"Python and Java: The Best of Both Worlds"
Paper: "Python and Java: The Best of Both Worlds" by Jim Hugunin. Discusses compiling Python to Java bytecodes, Java class hierarchy for Python types, and the integration of Python and Java.
"User-Centered Evolutionary Software..."
Paper: "User-Centered Evolutionary Software Development Using Python and Java," by Douglas Cunningham, Eswaran Subrahmanian, and Arthur Westerberg. Discusses the Java Python Interface (JPI), gives an overview of JPI, object conversations, exception handling, classes, and reserved words.
"Glue It All Together With Python"
Paper: "Glue It All Together With Python" by Guido van Rossum—the creator of Python. Discusses the strengths of the language and using Python as an integration language.
"Python Yet Another Object Oriented Interpretive..
"Python Yet Another Object Oriented Interpretive Scripting Language" by Enno Davids.
Technical Paper: This is an overview of the Python programming language presented at a technical conference of AUUG (Australian UNIX & Open Systems Users Group) Victoria, Australia.  Discusses object-orientation, automatic memory management, Python libraries, GUI API provided with the language, embedding Python and extending Python.

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