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ASP.NET Resource Center
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CAPTCHA (Automated Public Turing Test)
CAPTCHA is the "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart," developed by Lordfkiller. Can be used to create distorted text that a user must enter into a form on a Web page. The distorted text prevents spammers from using bots and optical character reader software to complete the forms.
Application to Read and Display Blogs
ASP.NET application developed by Kelum Ganegoda that reads and displays blogs.
ASP.NET Guestbook for Website Visitors
Code developed by R. Abhiram Vikrant for an ASP.NET guestbook that determines a Web site's visitors.
DataGrid Code
Free DataGrid code developed by Justin Cook.
ASP.NET Calendar and Event Planner
ASP.NET calendar and event planner that can be scrolled, developed by Jean-Marc Lai.
DropDownList Control and a ListBox Control Tools
ASP.NET tools developed by Anatoliy Khotin for a DropDownList control and a ListBox control. Tools include autosearch and popup tooltip capabilities.
Emailing HTML Form Contents To Multiple Recipients
ASP script, developed by Nathan Ridley, for emailing HTML form contents to one or more recipients. Supports email written in HTML, plain text and in formatted templates.
Switching between HTTP and HTTPS automatically
Code for switching between HTTP and HTTPS automatically, developed by Matt Sollars.

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Update :: November 15, 2019