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ASP.NET Resource Center
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ASP.NET Sample Chapters
How to Use Master Pages
Sample chapter: "How to Use Master Pages," from Murach's ASP.NET 2.0 Upgrader's Guide, C# Edition by Doug Lowel and Joel Murach. Discusses master pages, a new feature in ASP.NET 2.0 that makes it easier to include repeating elements (e.g., navigation elements, headers and footers, etc.) on all of the pages in an application.
VB.NET and C# Programming Basics
Sample chapter: "VB.NET and C# Programming Basics," from Introduction to .NET and ASP.NET by Zak Ruvalcaba. Discusses control events, subroutines, page events, variables and variable declaration, arrays, functions, operators, breaking long lines of code, conditional logic, loops, understanding namespaces, object-oriented programming concepts, objects, properties, methods, classes, scope, events, understanding inheritance and separating code from content with code-behind.
ASP.NET Basics
Sample chapter: "ASP.NET Basics," from Introduction to .NET and ASP.NET by Zak Ruvalcaba. Discusses the ASP.NET page structure, directives, code declaration blocks, comments in VB.NET and C# code, code render blocks, ASP.NET server controls, server-side comments, literal text and HTML tags, view state, working with directives and ASP.NET languages VB.NET and C#.
Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# and VB.NE
Sample chapter: "Build Your Own ASP.NET Web site Using C# and VB.NET," from Introduction to .NET and ASP.NET by Zak Ruvalcaba. Introduces .NET and ASP.Net, explains .NET and ASP.NET, ASP.NET as a server-side technology and developing Web applications.

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