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ASP.NET Ajax Resource Center

ASP.NET Ajax Code
The Official Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Site
Download ASP.NET AJAX, a framework for creating interactive web applications, free from Microsoft. In addition, there are demos that show how easy it is to create an application, install ASP.NET AJAX, and learn how to install and use the toolkit. Additional links are provided for the documentation and community.
AJAX for ASP.NET, Ajax-enabled Controls
Ajaxium is an Ajax engine for ASP.NET pages that allows sites to remain accessible to all search engines and browsers. Features include no fixed set of components, transfers from one ASP.NET page to another, easy integration, two-level compression of Ajax responses, timers (for automatic page updates), loading notification panels and an improved JavaScript API. There is also a comparison with Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX, demos and a free trail download.

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Update :: January 23, 2020