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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex Applications
"Generating Code for Flex 2 Data Access"
Article: "Automatically Generating Code for Flex 2 Data Access," by Yakov Fain, Victor Rasputnis and Anatole Tartakovsky. Discusses a sample application from start to finish, the Flex development perspective in Eclipse, using the sample with the RemotObject tag, peeking under the DAOFlex hood, and downloading the DAOFlex component code.
"Your First Adobe Flex Application with ColdFusion
Article: "Your First Adobe Flex Application with a ColdFusion Backend," by Nahuel Foronda and Laura Arguello. Discusses setting up your environment, running the ColdFusion wizard, an overview of the application, the main application files, the TaskItem custom component, getting data from a ColdFusion service, adding a form to Insert items, using events to communicate between components, making changes to the generated ColdFusion components, and adding styling touches.
"Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex"
Article: "Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex," by Mansour Raad. Discusses why ESRI, a provider of geographic information systems (GIS)—management analysis of geographic information represented in maps and globes, used Flex for a mapping application that runs on their web site. Reasons they selected Flex include that it is a Java-based application, the number of client-side widgets available, and integrated support of web services.
Flex Developer Derby Winners
Flex Developer Derby Winners—applications developed using Adobe Flex Builder 2. Entries were judged on originality, ease of use, design, and use of Flex features. Winning applications include a real estate application (for locating homes); a query analyzer for Microsoft SQL Server; a dashboard for visualization web visits, page views, session tracking, and browser/platform properties; a mashup between Amazon and the public library system, lesson builder tool (for building Flash-based training modules); and a Commodore 64 emulator.

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