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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex Articles
"Building RIAs from Front to Back—Part 2"
Article: "Building RIAs from Front to Back—Part 2: Layout Beyond the Standard Container in Flex 2," by Andrew Trice and Keun Lee. Discusses creating layouts in Flex 2, how to use the CSS features in Flex 2 and how to use the CSS style engine.
"Bringing RIAs from Front to Back—Part 1"
Article: "Bringing RIAs from Front to Back—Part 1: Understanding the Approach," by Carson Hager and Dave Wolf. Discusses design and layout of an application; skin and customize an application with Flex, Flash and HTML, using models to switch between multiple data sources, and integrating the application into the enterprise. Topics include live mockups, building the data model, binding to static data, binding live data to a user interface, and the benefits of Front to Back approach.
"Getting Started with Adobe Flex 2"
Article: "Getting Started with Adobe Flex 2," by Jeffry Houser. Discusses ActionScript 3, MXML, Flash 9 Player, Flex SDK, Flex Builder 2, Flex charting components, Flex data services, and accessing a CFC from Flex.
"Architecturing RIAs with Flex Data Management..."
Article: "Architecturing RIAs with Flex Data Management Services," by Jeff Vroom. Topics: Why use Flex management services?, a conceptual overview of the Flex management services, building the client's view of the domain model, complex object models, large data models, and building a scalable data services application.
"Hybridizing Java"
Article: "Hybridizing Java," by Bruce Eckel. Discusses the Web mess, rich Internet applications (RIAs), the installation problem, experience with Java Applets and applications, cross-platform issues, Flash, solving the UI problem, what is Flex?, Flex as a domain specific language (DSL) for graphics, Flex on the desktop, and hybridizing Java.
"Flex 2.0 Enriches the RIA Development Experience"
Article: "Adobe Flex 2.0 Enriches the RIA Development Experience," by James R. Borck. Discusses the creation of Flash-based applications that can contain chat, real-time dashboards, and messaging, features such as smooth animations, Flex Data Services, integrated debugger, and ActionScript support.
"Interface Customization in Adobe Flex"
Article: "Interface Customization in Adobe Flex," by Tariq Ahmed. Discusses Flex themes (collection of style definitions, images and skins), Flex styles, defining Flex styles (Inline, local style definition, Type selector and Class selector), Flex Style Explorer, using skins (graphical skinning—uses images to define parts, and programmatic skinning—uses code to determine how components look and behave), and attributes (including scaleGridTop, scaleGridBottom, scaleGridLeft and scaleGridRight).
"Developing Adobe Flex Rich Internet Applications"
Article: "Developing Adobe Flex Rich Internet Applications with Cairngorm (an implementation of design patterns) Microarchitecture," by Steven Webster. Discusses Cairngorm—an open-source architectural framework for Flex developers, application frameworks, architectural frameworks, applying design patterns, the lure of design patterns, microarchitecture as a composition of design patterns, a brief history of Cairngorm, what Cairngorm teaches you, the current state of Cairngorm, an introduction to the Cairngorm store, the Cairngorm store: four key challenges; keeping state on the client, difference between state and the model in MVC, synchronizing client and server state, introducing the Value Object/Data Transfer Object pattern, keeping a consistent object model between Flex and Java, using XDoclet2 with ActionScript, building the model and the view together, and the module locator pattern.
"Introduction to Adobe Flex and PHP"
Article: "Rich Internet Applications: Introduction to Adobe Flex and PHP," by Mike Potter. Discusses what Flex is and how it works, integrating Flex and PHP, building an application, and explaining the application.
"Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2..."
Article: "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2 and Java," by Victor Vasputnis, Yakov Fain, and Anatole Tartakovsky. Discusses reasons that Flash/Flex is a promising technology for rich Internet applications (RIAs) (Flash player is available for most platforms, easy to integrate with web browsers, Flash applications can run outside the web browser, eliminates low-level coding, integration with other media, a quick adoption rate and integrates with Java on the server side), designing a stock portfolio application, installing Flex Builder and Flex Data Services, developing stock portfolio application with Flex, developing the GUI, getting price quotes, getting the financial news, and configuring the server side destination and proxy.
"Flex 2: Enabling the Next Generation..."
Article: "Flex 2: Enabling the Next Generation of Rich Internet Applications," by David Wadhwani, VP Product Development for Adobe Flex. Discusses Flex products for developing cross-platform EIAs (rich Internet applications) by combining an intuitive programming model, an Eclipse-based IDE, and a rich set of J2EE-based runtime services; how the Flex-Ajax Bridge and Ajax Client for Flex Data Services allow developers to add Flex components to existing applications and web sites; Flash Player 9—includes a highly-optimized ActionScript Machine (ASM) and a new version of the ActionScript programming language for improving script execution in the virtual machine (VM); Adobe Flex 2 product line (consisting of the Adobe Flex framework and Flex 2 SDK, Adobe Flex Charting 2, Adobe Flex Builder 2, and Adobe Flex Data Services 2); the Flash Platform—allows developers to integrate video into their applications' user interfaces and workflows.

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