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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex Conferences
Dx3: Design/Develop/Deploy Conference & Expo
Conference: Dx3: Design/Develop/Deploy Conference & Expo, May 15-18, 2007, Boston, MA. Flex sessions include: "Apollo Overview (parts 1 and 2)," "Design Developer Workflow, Flex for Developers," "Styling Flex Applications," "Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences, Mobile Workflow in Adobe Software," "Component Development for the Flex/Apollo World," "Flex Roadmap," "Flash, After Effects and Flash Media Server," "Designer-Developer Workflow with the Spry Framework for Ajax," "Flex and Data Sources," "Casual Gaming for the Desktop with Flash and Apollo," and "CSS Problem Solving."
AJAX World Conference and Expo
Conference: AJAX World Conference and Expo March 19-21, 2007, New York, NY. Sessions include: "An Overview of Rich Internet Technologies," including: RIA, Flex 2, Java, WPF, Ajax, Laszlo, Flex 2 architecture, and tools and components; "Hands-on Development," including: Flex Builder IDE, MXML, ActionScript, and using layouts and navigators; "Data-Driven Controls, Data Binding, Processing XML," including: populating Data Grids and MVC pattern, the power of data binding, and XML processing with E4X; "Event-Driven Programming and Reusable Components," including events basics, life-cycle, dispatching processing, custom events, creating loosely-coupled reusable components, and a sample application walkthrough; "Getting Data from Remote Computers," including: using HTTPService and using Flex to connect to remote Java objects; "Building a Flex-Java-DBMS Application from Start to Finish," including: an overview of the architecture, the database table structure, the DAO object, configuring Flex remoting, and population of the datagrid with customer information from the database; "Maintaining State on the Client," including: where the user session belongs: client vs. server, using Flex managed objects to maintain state in the client, automatic data sync-up between Flex and server-side Java; "Rapid Application Development with Flex," includes using DAOFlex Eclipse plugin for automatic code generation; "Updates and Transaction Management," introduces batch database operations; and "Making Custom Database-aware Components," discusses how to create a combobox with auto-complete.
FlexManiacs 2007
Conference: FlexManiacs 2007, June 25-27, Washington, DC. Session topics include ActionScript 3 Performance Tuning, Component Development in the Flex World, Custom Formatter, Validator, and Effect Components, Drag and Drop: The Nuts and Bolts, Flex 2 Custom History Management, Flex data Services, Push Technology with Legacy Systems, Highly Coordinated Visualizations using Charting, Introduction to Apollo, Managing Complexity with Cairngorm, Memory Management for Flex Developers, Navigating and Extending the Flex Infrastructure, The Impact of ActionScript, Under the Hood of an Advanced Flex Component, Understanding Flex Automation, Unit Testing with FlexUnit, Using Flash-Friendly Yahoo! APIs, Using Flex View States, ECMAScript for XML, Flex 2 Charting, Introduction to OO ActionScript 3, Introduction to Flex, Making Large Applications Manageable with Modules, MXML Inside-Out, Using the Cairngorm Framework, Advanced Styling and Skinning with Flex 2, Flex 2 Section 508 Accessibility, Flex Styling and Design with BitmapData, Flex/Flash Video, Printing in Flex, Programming the Visual Experience, ColdFusion and Flex 101, Flash Remoting vs. Flex Messaging, Flex Messaging and Data Management, Flex Without Java, Introduction to Flex Data Services, PHP and Flex Hands-On, PHP and Rich Internet Applications for the Enterprise, and Sorting, Filtering and Paginating Data in Flex 2.

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