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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex FAQs
"Adobe Flex 2—Answering Tough Questions"
Article: "Adobe Flex 2—Answering Tough Questions About Enterprise Development," by Yakov Fain. Discusses adding Flex to a developer's skill set, Flex 2 security, Flash 9, comparing performance of Flex 2 and Ajax-based applications, what would make the technology better, Flex and reporting and business intelligence, favorite Flex 2 features, search engine indexing issues, bookmarking, and Flex-based vs. Ajax-based tools.
Flex FAQ Page
FAQs: The Flex FAQs page is a source of information for Flex 2 (e.g., what it is, what applications can be built using Flex 2), how to get started with using Flex 2, licensing and pricing, using Flex and Flash, using Flex and Ajax, Flex data Structures Express, and Flex 2.0.1.

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Update :: January 23, 2020