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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex Newsgroups and Forums
Flash and Flex Desktop App Development Group
User group: Flash and Flex Desktop App Development Group—a discussion group for the development of desktop applications in Adobe Flash and Flex. Topics covered include ActionScript, FSCommands, MDM Script, capabilities, Apollo, Zinc, SWF Studio, Flash Jestor, and general desktop application development.
Cairngorm Documentation Group
User group: The Cairngorm Documentation Group—for the better understanding of how Cairngorm works. Topics include the FlexCRUD initial release, and converting file problems and how to solve them.
Flex Component Development Group
Developer group: The Flex Component Development Group—for developers who are designing and developing components for Adobe Flex. Current topics include graphical skinning, and extending the DataGrid.
Discussion group: FlexWorks—discussions include DataGrid, retrieving the first node on an XML file, ColdFusion extensions for FlexBuilder 2, ControlBar in TileWindow, Flex Data Management Services, and converting web service data to a line chart.
Flex 2 Builder
Discussion group: Flex 2 Builder—current topics of discussion include the AutoComplete, FlexBuilder 2 memory leak, advanced calendar, the ComboBox, and importing XML File into Tree component.
FlashPlatform User Group
User group: FlashPlatform User Group—developer support group for users involved with ActionScript coding, Flex 2.0, and the Apollo platform being developed by Adobe.
Flex Builder 2 Forum
Forum: Flex Builder 2 Forum. Topics include resizing a Flex application, Flex charting, Flex Builder 2 plug-in for RAD7.0, updateDisplayList properties, the debugger, and Flex to Flash.
Forum:—world-wide forum for anyone seeking help while working with Flex. Topics include segmentation fault on Flex 2.5.33, parsing compressed files with Flex and Bison, interactive mode, and undefined IDs, LexerInput.
The Flex 2 General Discussion Forum
Forum: The Flex 2 General Discussion Forum, is for user-to-user discussions about Adobe products. Topics include Flex Builder 2, Flex upgrade/migration, Flex Data Services, Flex 1.5 General Discussion, Flex Builder 1.5, Flex Player 9, and ActionScript 3.0.

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