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Adobe Flex Resource Center

Adobe Flex White Papers
"Creating Next Generation SAP Analytics Apps..."
White paper: "Creating Next Generation SAP Analytics Applications with SAP NetWeaver and Macromedia Flex," by Christophe Coenaets, Vincent Mendicino, Natalia Shmoilova, and Dirk Wodtke. Discusses the problem, overviews the solution, SAP NetWeaver, the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, Visual Composer architecture, Visual Composer modeling concepts, Visual Composer backend connectivity, Visual Composer UI generation, Macromedia Flex; standards-based, highly productive programming model, class library, runtime services, code highlights, architecture, creating a SAP analytics application, and running the SAP analytics application.
Flex Application Performance: Tips and Techniques
White Paper: "Flex Application Performance: Tips and Techniques for Improving Client Application and Server Performance," by Brandon Purcell and Deepa Subramanian. Discusses requirements, feedback and support, architecting Flex applications that perform well, Flash Player; using layouts, hierarchy, and containment properly, nesting containers, absolute positioning and sizing, grid containers, redundancies to avoid, using deferred instantiation to improve perceived performance, progressive layout, handling large data sets, playing complex effects smoothly, achieving great performance with runtime styles, using dynamically repeating controls, HorizontalList and TileList controls, improving performance of charting components, performance tuning and profiling your own Flex application, using runtime shared libraries (RSLs), the ActionScript profiler, calculating application initialization time, caching in the Flex presentation server, using the JSP tag library, deployment options, load testing, load-testing tools, and load testing examples.
"Capacity Planning for Adobe's Flex™ 1.5"
White paper: "Capacity Planning for Adobe's Macromedia Flex™ 1.5," by Alex Glosband and Bob Tierney. Discusses a capacity planning overview, Flex architectural overview, application server tuning, Flex scalability, MXML compilation, proxy performance tuning, load testing, baseline application, server configurations (Solaris and Windows), database configuration, client configuration, network configuration, vertical scalability, and horizontal scalability.
"Adobe Flash Security and Enterprise Solutions"
White paper: "Adobe Flash Security and Adobe Enterprise Solutions," from Adobe. Discusses the Flash security model, authentication, Adobe® Breeze™, access control, server-side access controls, client-side access controls, FlashCast, unauthorized access to host system resources, unauthorized access to data, unauthorized access to private user information, malicious code, protection against malicious and activity, minimized SQL injection and cross-scripting vulnerabilities, data transport, standards compliance, wireless security, SSL accelerators and load balancers, and encrypted tunneling.
Abobe® Flex™ Data Structures 2
White paper: "Abobe® Flex™ Data Structures 2: Capacity Planning," from Adobe. Discusses a capacity planning overview, Flex architecture overview, HTTP service, web service (SOAP/HTTP), remote objects (action message format (AMF)), messaging, application server tuning, Flex scalability, MXML compilation, proxy performance tuning, scalability test methodology description, test system configurations, baseline application performance results, data service scalability, and sizing an application.
Adobe® Flex™ 2: Technical White Paper
White paper: "Adobe® Flex™ 2: Technical White Paper," from Adobe. Discusses the revolution of rich Internet applications (RIAs), the need for a service-oriented client, high-performance, cross-platform runtime; integrated support for text, graphics, animation and audio/video, enterprise data integration, support for disconnected computing, security and reliability, the RIA development model, an introduction to Adobe Flex, Flex and the Adobe engagement platform, a Flex product line overview, Flash player, Flex runtime architecture, Flex development model and application framework, MXML (the Flex markup language), ActionScript 3.0, the Flex class library, visual components, service components, Flex behaviors, developer tools, Flex Data Services, Flex Message Services, RPC Services, Data Management Services, the Flex Builder, code editing, visual layout and skinning, interactive debugging, extensibility, Flex target applications, product configuration and selection, process integration, guided self-service, Flex and other technologies (Ajax, portals, Microsoft .NET platform), developer resources, security, and sample applications.

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