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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX Frameworks, Tools and Libraries
MagicAjax.NET is a free open-source ASP framework for developers. It enables Ajax technologies without replacing the ASP.NET controls.
Spry is Adobe’s Ajax JavaScript library.
JSON-RPC-Java is a JavaScript/Java RPC middleware library.
Direct Web Remoting
Direct Web Remoting is a JavaScript/Java RPC middleware library.
Ajax Toolkit Framework
The Ajax Toolkit Framework is an Eclipse Ajax project.
Simple Ajax Toolkit
The Simple Ajax Toolkit that works with PHP, Perl, and Python. provides a JavaScript Ajax library.
Zimbra Ajax Toolkit
The Zimbra Ajax Toolkit is one of the key technologies in the Open Ajax Project.
Java Server Faces
Java Server Faces is a Java Server Ajax framework.
UI Widgets Tags
UI Widgets Tags provides JSP tags for widgets using Ajax where possible.
NAJAX is an RPC PHP framework.
Flexible Ajax
Flexible Ajax is an object oriented Ajax framework for PHP5.
PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON
PAJAJ stands for PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON. It is an object oriented Ajax framework .written in PHP5
Taconite is an Ajax J2EE-based framework.
Ajax Pages
Ajax Pages is an Ajax scripting template engine.
Uber Uploader
Uber Uploader is an Ajax tool that allows developers to show a progress bar for file uploads.
Ajax.NET is a .NET Ajax RPC framework.
XOAD PHP Ajax Framework
XOAD is a PHP Ajax Framework using JSON.
Anthem.NET is an open-source Ajax cross-browser toolkit for ASP.NET.
TinyAjax is an open-source PHP framework that adds Ajax functionality with a few lines of PHP code.
JavaScript Ajax Toolkit
The Ajax Framework is an open-source JavaScript Ajax toolkit supporting various browsers.
Multi-Language Ajax Toolkit
An open-source multi-language Ajax toolkit.
Ajax JavaScript Framework
An open-source Ajax JavaScript framework.
PHP Ajax Framework
A open-source PHP Ajax Framework.
YUI Library
The YUI Library is an open-source JavaScript Library for building web applications with Ajax support.
AjaxAnywhere converts JSP or JSF components into Ajax-aware components without complex JavaScript coding. It’s open source.

xajax is an open source PHP class library for Ajax applications using PHP.

ZK Ajax Web Framework
ZK is an open-source Ajax Web framework for creating Ajax Web applications with no JavaScript and only nominal programming.
Ajax Tag Library
The Ajax Tag Library is an open-source set of JSP tags that JSP developers can use to obtain Ajax functionality.
Content Software Management Application
Content software management application from ektron.
Platform for Building Web Applications Using Ajax
This site promotes a platform for building Web applications using Ajax, Flash, Java and Microsoft .NET.
XMLHttpRequest and Ajax
XMLHttpRequest and Ajax working examples with code and information to get developers started on Ajax.
Ajax Development, Testing and Debugging Tools
Mozilla's Developer Center for Ajax development, testing and debugging tools.
Mozilla's Developer Center
Ajax examples on Mozilla's Developer Center.
Morfik is an application that allows developers to use a visual design environment and a high-level language of their choice to create applications comprised purely of HTML and JavaScript. and offers developers the opportunity to create web applications that run on the desktop after being unplugged from the web.
The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library
The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is an open-source JavaScript Library for building web applications with Ajax support. Includes getting started information, articles, cheat sheets, support and community links, examples, documentation and more. Find YUI Library Utilities (the YAHOO Global Object, Event Utility, DOM Collection, Connection Manager, Drag and Drop Utility and the Animation Utility), YUI Library CSS tools (CSS Grids, CSS Fonts and CSS Reset), and YUI Library Controls (AutoComplete, Calendar, Container, Logger, Menu, Slider, TabView and TreeView).
Ajax Framework Wiki
Ajax framework entry on Wikipedia. Discusses the benefit of a framework and the different types of frameworks including direct Ajax frameworks, Ajax component frameworks, and server-driven Ajax frameworks. Includes links to several JavaScript and server technology independent frameworks, C++ APIs, Java frameworks, .NET frameworks, ColdFusion frameworks and Python frameworks.

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