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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX Framworks: Prototype
Based on Prototype, Rico is an open source JavaScript library for building rich Internet applications that features fill Ajax support, drag and drop capabilities, cinematic effects, behaviors and more. Site include downloads, demos a forum, documentation, a blog and more.
Prototype JavaScript Framework Wiki
Wikipedia entry for the Prototype JavaScript Framework. It is used to develop dynamic web applications. Discusses the Prototype features, sample utility functions (the $() function, the $F() function and the Ajax object) and includes links to related sites.
Prototype JavaScript Framework
The Prototype JavaScript Framework makes it easier to develop dynamic web applications. Site includes downloads, tips and tutorials (An Introduction to Ajax; How Prototype extends the DOM; Prototype Meets Ruby: A Look At Enumerable, Array, and Hash; and Working with Events in Prototype), Prototype mailing lists and discussion groups, API documentation, a blog and more.

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Update :: January 17, 2020