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Ajax Resource Center

AJAX Sample Chapters
Using Rich Internet Technologies
Sample chapter: "Using Rich Interenet Technologies," from the book Pro JSF and Ajax Building Rich Internet Components, by Jonas Jacobi and John R. Fallows (Apress, 2006). Topics include an introduction to Ajax, the XMLHttpRequest Object, traditional web application development, Ajax web application development, building Ajax applications, Mozilla XUL, building XUL applications, and creating custom XUL components using XBL.
Interacting with the User and the Server
Sample chapter: "Interacting with the User and the Server," from the book Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and Ajax: from Novice to Professional, by Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells and and Cameron Turner (APress, 2006). Topics include creating the map and marking points, asking for more information with an Info window, creating an Info window on the map, embedding a form in the Info window, avoiding an ambiguous state, controlling the info window size, using Google's AJAX Object, saving data with GXmlHttp, parsing the XML document using DOM methods, retrieving markers from the server and more.
The User Experience
Sample chapter: "The User Experience," from the book, AJAX in Action, by Dave Crane and Eric Pascarello with Darren James (Copyright 2005). Topics include building a quality application, responsiveness, robustness, consistency, simplicity, making it work, keeping the user informed, handling responses to your own requests, and handling updates from the users. Includes sample code.
Using AJAX
Sample chapter: "Using AJAX," from Head Rush AJAX by Brett McLaughlin (O'Reilly). Topics include creating a request object, PHP, the server (what it used to do and what it should do now), initialing a connection, connecting to the web server, adding an event handler, coding the callback function, how we see web apps, introducing the web browser, what the browser should do with the server’s response, sending instructions to the browser, getting the server’s response, checking for the right ready state and more.

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