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Amazon Web Services Resource Center
Amazon Web Services Resources
Boost Application Development with AWS
Article: "Boost Application Development with Amazon Web Services, Part 2," by Eric Giguere. Discusses how to implement a web service using Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), what SQS is, working with SQS, the QueueExplorer application, running the QueueExplorer, creating and deleting queues, reading and writing data, data locking and using JMS (Java message Service) with SQS.
Consuming E-Commerce
Article: "Consuming E-Commerce," by Jeffry Houser. Discusses web services definitions, getting started with Web Services, product searches, product images, customer reviews, wish list searches, remote shopping cart, deconstructing the URL, service, subscription ID, associate tag, response group. operation parameters, searching the store, search index, keywords, browseNode, availability, title, minimum price, condition, sort, item page, retrieving one item with ItemLookup, itemid, idType, Searchindex, ResponseGroup, and where to go from here.
Amazon Web Services Support
White paper: "Amazon Web Services Support," by Dave Kuhlman. Discusses the support for Python with Amazon Web Services (AWS), what the parser does, what is included, how to use it, creating sub-classes, creating an application/harness, the parsing functions, the parse(inFilename), and the parseString(aString).
Using the Amazon Web Service
Article: "Using the Amazon Web Service," by Peter Bernhardt. Discusses how to use Amazon Web Services to build a search application that looks for books, movies and music based on keywords, registering with Amazon, downloading the software development kit, and the web Services description Language (WSDL).
Amazon Web Services
Article: "Amazon Web Services," by Reuven M. Lerner. Discusses the history of on-line book stores, what web services are, Amazon Web Services, E-Commerce Service (ECS), search, lookup, and response groups.
Why Use Amazon Web Services?
“Why Use Amazon Web Services?” Amazon site. Discusses battle-tested web services, web-scale computing, pay only for what you use, focus on the idea, who’s using AWS, and how to get started.
Amazon's Web Services and XSLT
Article: "Amazon's Web Services and XSL," by Bob DuCharme. Discusses Amazon Web Services (AWS) interfaces of SOAP and REST, which XSLT processor is AWS running?, passing additional parameters to a AWS stylesheet, putting it all together, running the stylesheet, and sample results for plain XML, XML+stylesheet with "headers" value of "yes" passed, and XML+stylesheet.
Developing an Amazon Web Services Client
Article: “Developing an Amazon Web Services Client,” by Beth Stearns. Discusses the example web services client application, setting up the environment (including installing and downloading all necessary software), setting up Sun’s ONE Studio, using Sun One Studio to generate SOAP messages and proxy classes, writing the Swing components for the clients, and writing the proxy class to connect to the web service.
Using AWS Toolkit in Your Window Forms App.
Article: "Using Amazon's Web Services Toolkit in Your Windows Forms Applications," by A. Russell Jones. Discusses how to get the code, getting started, basic methods for querying an Amazon Web Service, building the sample application, requests, using the Amazon Web Services, creating a class, displaying query results, returning item detail, and displaying images from a URL.
Build an Infinitely Scalable Infrastructure
Article: "Build an Infinitely Scalable Infrastructure for $100 Using Amazon Services," by Todd Hoff. Discusses why use external services?, Amazon ECS (E-Commerce service), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service), Amazon EC2 (grid service), the GigaVox Media example web-scale architecture, and lessons learned.
Amazon Web Services
Article: "Amazon Web Services ," by Ashish Muni and Justin Hansen. Discusses REST vs. SOAP, and Amazon's E-Commerce Service (ECS).
Prime Time for Web Services
Research paper: “Prime Time for Web Services: How Brand Name Companies are Using Web Services Today,” by Systinet. Discusses what web services are, service assembly, definitive characteristics, web services technologies, SOAP, the SOAP serialization framework, SOAP RPC style messaging, SOAP document style messaging, services and service types, private registries, B2B registries, WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform) server for C++, WASP server for Java, WASP developer, WASP UDDI, enterprise application integration, B2B commerce transactions, embedded web services, and Amazon powers merchant network using Systinet web services.
AWS Application: “What’s That Tune?”
“What’s That Tune?” from Amazon Web Services. This is a mashup using three Amazon Web Services. The application records audio from a user and saves it to the Amazon Simple Storage service (S3), creates a HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks) in Amazon Mechanical Turk, uses the results of the HIT to search for related albums on using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service. Resources include prerequisites, running the sample and general notes.

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