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Amazon Web Services Resource Center
Amazon Web Services Tutorials
Introduction to the Amazon Simple Queue Service
Tutorial: "Introduction to the Amazon Simple Queue Service," by Eric Giguere. Overviews the Amazon Simple Queue Service (ASQS), working with the ASQS, the QueueExplorer application, running the QueueExplorer, creating and deleting queues, reading and writing data, data locking, and using JMS (Java message Service) with ASQS.
Monster Muck Mashup—Video Conversion w/AWS
Tutorial: “Monster Muck Mashup—Mass Video Conversion Using AWS,” by Mitch Garnaat. Discusses building a video conversion service using Amazon Web Services (including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)), putting the pieces together, building the EC2 image, building the conversion service, the message structure, converting the video, the arguments, and additional resources.
Automated Server Pool Management in Java
Tutorial: “Automated Server Pool Management in Java,” by David Kavanagh. Discusses the open source project “lifeguard” (a pool manager that utilizes Amazon SQS to detect the number of messages in a queue), the project scope, message types and formats, base service, management strategy, queue size, idle/busy count, idle/busy interval, server and pool load, empty pool, busy pool, idle pool, and add-ons such as a status logger, data model for projects and workflows, pool monitoring tools, reporting and data extraction.
Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET
Tutorial: "Use Amazon Web Services in ASP.NET," by Philip Miseldine. Discusses Amazon Web Services 4.0, dos and don'ts, opening up Visual Studio and creating a web service, creating a web reference to Amazon Web Services, and building a simple GUI to reference an application.
Introducing AWS for PHP Developers
Tutorial: “Introducing AWS for PHP Developers,” by Jack Herrington. Discusses Amazon Web Services (AWS), a basic example using AWS, signing up for Amazon S3, SOAP vs. REST, uploading your content, getting at your content, and learning more about AWS.
Introducing AWS for Ruby Developers
Tutorial: “Introducing AWS for Ruby Developers,” by Robert Dempsey. Discusses Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST or SOAP—which keeps your code cleaner?, RESTful development with Ruby on Rails, let’s REST for a bit, and kicking it up a notch.
Introduction to AWS for C# Programmers
Tutorial: “Introduction to AWS for C# Programmers,” by Mark Blomsma. Discusses Amazon Web Services, REST, SOAP, SOAP vs. REST, an example using Notepad and the Microsoft .NET SDK, and an example using Visual Studio .NET.
Introduction to AWS for Java Developers
Tutorial: “Introduction to AWS for Java Developers,” by Richard Monson-Hafel. Discusses what Amazon web services are, accessing AWS: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) vs. REST (Representational State Transfer); and using Java with Amazon S3, Amazon SQS and Amazon EC2.

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