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" Launches Apex Code Preview..."

Article: " Launches Apex Code Preview Program—World's First On-Demand Programming Language Now Accessible to Developers Globally." Discusses the Apex on-demand platform, Apex code, the event model, transaction control, code packaging (reuse), web services, performance, scalability, upgrades, the AppExchange Directory, Apex toolkits and resources for developers, the Apex toolkit for Eclipse, the Ajax toolkit, the developer Apex wiki, free developer edition information, availability, and information about

" Previews On-demand Programming..."
Article: " Previews On-demand Programming Language and Platform," by John K. Waters. Discusses the data relationship API, real-time messaging and integration, the Ajax toolkit, and the AppExchange Directory.
" to Roll Out Apex"
Article: " to Roll Out "Apex" Programming Language," by Marc Songini. Discusses the announcement of the Apex programming language (a Java-like language) and platform for the creation of on-demand applications.
"Salesforce Strives for the On-Demand Apex"
Article: "Salesforce Strives for the On-Demand Apex," by Dan Farber. Discusses the announcement of the Apex enhanced programming language availability to developers, capabilities such as advanced logic; the AppExchange, where application developers can sell their applications through, the building of a community of developers to share, customize and package code on Salesforce, using an on-demand platform, and the announcement of the API version 8.0.

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Update :: November 17, 2019