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C Programming Resource Center

C99 Standard
C99 Standard
Working draft of the current version of the C99 Standard.
Differences Between ANSI C, C99 and C++
Article: “Incompatibilities Between ISO C and ISO C++,” by David Tribble. Lists and explains the areas in which ANSI C, C99, and C++ 98 differ.
Ch Standard Edition Download
Download Ch Standard Edition, a free interpreter that largely supports C99 on a number of different platforms. You can also download ChSCiTE, a free corresponding IDE.
Dev-C++ Download
Download Dev-C++, a free IDE that uses the Mingw port of GCC as its compiler, for use on Windows systems.
C99 Feature Descriptions
Provides brief technical descriptions and code examples for many C99 features.
C99 Features Supported in Solaris
Lists the features of C99 supported by the Solaris operating environment.
New Features in C99
Article: "The New C: Declarations and Initializations," by Randy Meyers. Discusses these new features in C99.
Summary of C99 Features
Article: "A Tour of C99," by Danny Kalev, provides a summary of some of the new features in the standard.
C99 Features
Article: "Are You Ready for C99?" discusses some of the interesting new features, incompatibilities with C++ and compiler support.
C99 Features Status
Find the status of C99 features in the GCC.
C99 Standards Committee Deliberations
White paper: "Rationale for International Standard—Programming Languages—C." This 224-page document describes the C99 standards committee deliberations.
C99 FAQ.
C99 Standard
Purchase a hard copy of the C99 standard.
C99 Official Site
Official site for the C99 standard. Includes defect reports, working papers, projects and milestones, the rationale for the C99 standard, contacts and more.

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