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C Programming Resource Center

C Game Programming
C Game Programming Site
C game programming site includes C programming tips and source code for popular games (e.g. Pacman and Quake).
Tic Tac Toe game built with C.
Guessing Game
Guessing game built with C++.
Asteroids Game
Asteroids game built with C.
C: Pointers and Strings Tutorial
Game Programming Wiki tutorial: "C: Pointers and Strings," includes source code for a simple game written in C using pointers.
Questions and Answers on Game Programming in C/++
Game programming wiki includes questions and answers regarding C/C++ game programming.
C/C++ Games Source Code
Download the source code for numerous games written in C/C++, including hangman, Pacman, Tetris, chess and more.
C: BEating the Message Pump Tutorial
Game Programming Wiki tutorial: "C: BEating the Message Pump," includes some code examples.
C: Custom Resource Files Tutorial
Game Programming Wiki tutorial: "C: Custom Resource Files," includes source code.
C Games Programming Tutorial
C games programming tutorial teaches you how to output text to the screen.
Connect Four Game Algorithm
Algorithm for Connect Four game, written in C.
Tetris Game
Tetris game, written in C.
Boboli the Mighty Knight Game
Boboli the Mighty Knight game, written in C.
C Games Programming Site
C game programming site includes numerous free games built with C.
Beginners Guide to C/C++ Game Programming
Beginners guide to C/C++ game programming. Find information about C/C++ programming, graphics, sound, techniques and more.

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