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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Articles
The Boost.Threads Library
Article: "The Boost.Threads Library," by Bill Kempf. Discusses thread creation, mutextes (mutual exclusions), condition variables, thread local storage, once routines, the future of Boost.Threads, the thread class, the mutex class, using the Boost.Bind Library, using the Boost condition class, the boost::thread_specific_ptr class, and a simple use of the boost::call_once.
Coding Guidelines for Integral Constant Expression
Article: "Coding Guidelines for Integral Constant Expressions," by John Maddock. Will help users understand why Boost code is written in a particular way and discusses integral constant expressions (also known as compile time constants), coding guidelines (dos and don'ts), and unresolved issues (things to watch out for).
Generic Programming Techniques
Article: "Generic Programming Techniques," by David Abrahams. A survey of generic programming techniques used in the Boost libraries. Discusses concepts (sets of requirements), traits, tag dispatching, adaptors, type generators, object generators, and policy classes.
C++: Beyond the Standard Library
Article: "C++: Beyond the Standard Library," by Ray Lischner. Discusses several open source C++ libraries and their features. The Boost Library has several of its features being added to the C++ Standard Library, including: type traits, regular expressions, smart pointers, enhanced binders and adapters. Boost features discussed include tuples, smart pointers, Lambda expressions, and the spirit parser generator. The other libraries included in the article include Numerics—for high-performance numeric computing, ACE (ADAPTIVE Communications Environment)—a framework for networks, communications and concurrency, and Loki—which stresses using templates for policy-based programming and metaprogramming.
Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex
Article: "Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex," by Ryan Stephans. Discusses the Boost.Regex Library (developed by John Maddock), background and definitions, regular expressions, the basics including: matching, validation, parsing and searching.
Boost Unit Testing with C++BuilderX
Article: "Boost Unit Testing with C++BuilderX," by Charlie Calvert. Discusses installing and building the Boost tools, Boost Jam (a build technology), creating a simple test, and the Build Options Explorer (BOE).
Declaring Targets
Article: "Declaring Targets," from SourceForge. Discusses a main target (e.g., executable file), main target rules, a main target name, sources (specifies what should be processed), requirements (properties needed when building a target), and the default build.
Smart Pointers in Boost
Article: “Smart Pointers in Boost,” by Bjorn Karlsson. This article provides an introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries by way of exploring the smart pointer library. Provides code examples creating and using smart pointers and a sidebar discussion with three of the original members of Boost who answer questions about the Boost C++ Libraries including why they think Boost is important and what will happen to the Boost libraries when the new C++ standard comes out.

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