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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Resources
Boost for Visual C++ Developers
Article: "Boost for Visual C++ Developers," by Beman Dawes (founder of Discusses what is Boost?, Boost and the C++ Standard Library, typical Boost libraries, smart pointers, regular expressions, interesting Boost libraries, using Boost with Visual C++, tips for getting the most our of Boost libraries, and contributing to Boost. Background Information Page's background information page. Answers questions such as: Why use Boost?" "Who is using Boost?" "What are people saying about Boost?" "How do users get support?" "What about intellectual property issues?" "Why give away valuable software for free?" and "Who pays Boost's expenses?"
Getting Started Guide's "Getting Started Guide." Discusses how to download and install the Boost library, the Boost.Build, the Boost.Jam extension, configuring the tools, a listing of the tools and their descriptions supported by Boost.Build, the build and install process, the library prefix and usage, toolset abbreviations, threading, runtime, automatic linking on Windows, and addition steps that may be required (these depend on the user's platform and configuration).
Boost Tuple Library
The Boost Tuple Library. Discusses using the library, tuple types, constructing tuples, assessing tuple elements, copy construction and tuple assignment, relational operators, tiers, streaming, performance, and portability.
Boost Users List
Links to various Boost mailing lists and other resources. Casual Boost users or newbies will want to see the Boost Users list. Other lists include developers, announcements, project-specific lists and Boost Sandbox CVS for Boost developers to collaborate on projects before they are formally accepted into Boost.
Spirit Object Oriented Recursive Descent Parser
Spirit, part of the Boost C++ Libraries, is an object oriented recursive descent parser. Grammars can be written exclusively in C++ EBNF (Extended Backus Normal Form) grammar specifications. Site includes the Spirit download, project support, documentation and links to various related resources including compilers and articles on parsers, metaprogramming, generic programming and C++.
Boost C++ Libraries Compiler Compatability
Boost C++ libraries are not guaranteed to work with all compilers. This site provides information on which Boost C++ libraries will work on various compilers. Includes a quick guide to understanding the compiler status tables and what is required for the tests to pass.
Boost C++ Libraries Products
Lists products that were developed using Boost C++ Libraries, including Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Software Libraries, Rhapsody, McAfee Managed VirusScan 3, FEAR and more.
Boost C++ Libraries Lisence Info
Boost C++ Libraries license information, library submission requirements and guidelines, Boost policies, release procedures and articles on various C++ topics including exception handling and generic programming techniques.
“Making a Boost Library”
White paper: “Making a Boost Library,” by Robert Ramey. Describes the process of getting a C++ library accepted into Boost and gives advice from a C++ developer who has created one of the Boost libraries.
Boost C++ Libraries on SourceForge
Boost C++ Libraries on SourceForge. Provides a download of the Boost C++ Libraries and additional resources, including the latest news on Boost C++ Library releases, bug track, support requests, public forums and project details. Available RSS feed helps you stay current with the Boost C++ Library project.
Boost C++ Libraries Documentation
Boost C++ Libraries documentation. Provides documentation for all Boost libraries in html format with links to the documentation in other formats including DocBook, XSL Formatting Objects and Unix man pages. Also includes links to compilter status reports, workarounds for broken compilers and a page to help you get started with the Boost C++ Libraries.
Boost C++ Libraries Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Boost C++ Libraries. A brief description of the open source Boost C++ Libraries and the goals of the developers. Includes an in-depth list of the areas for which Boost C++ Libraries provide extensions to the C++ Standard Library, and describes Boost abilities for linear algebra, random number generation and multi-threading in C++.
Boost C++ Libraries
The Boost C++ libraries are a set of ooen source, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The libraries work well with the existing C++ Standard Library. Some have been included in the C++ Standards Committee’s Library Technical Report (TR1) as possible additions to the C++ Standard. Download the libraries, read the Boost documentation and get support.

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Update :: January 17, 2020