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C++ Boost Libraries Resource Center

C++ Boost Libraries Tutorials
The Boost Statechart Library: An Overview
Tutorial: "The Boost Statechart Library: An Overview," from Discusses supported platforms, incompatible compilers, getting started, audience, UML to Boost.Statechart mapping summary, configuration, definitions, and performance.
The Boost Statechart Library
Tutorial: "The Boost Statechart Library," from Discusses defining states and events, adding reactions, state-local storage, getting state information out of the machine, spreading a state machine over multiple translation units, deferring events, guards, in-state reactions, transition actions, specifying multiple reactions for a state, posting events, orthogonal states, state queries, state type information, exception handling, submachines and parametrized states, and asynchronous machine states.
Tutorial: "Serialization," from Discusses serializable members, derived classes, pointers, arrays, STL (Standard Template Library) collections, class versioning, and splitting serialize into save/load.

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Update :: November 17, 2019