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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


Allegro Game Programming Resources
Allegro C Game Programming Library
Allegro is a C game programming library, created by Shawn Hargreaves of the Climax game studio. It can be used with C++ as well. Created to be as powerful as possible while still remaining relatively simple to code with, Allegro is a great way to get started with game programming. Check out our Allegro Game Programming Resources in the C Resource Center for web links, blog posts, forums, groups, books, and open source games. In this section, we include a few resources specifically for C++ game programming with Allegro.
Game Programming All in One
Book: Game Programming All in One, Second Edition, by Jonathan S. Harbour (June 17, 2004). Includes chapters on C++ and Allegro, basic 2D graphics with Allegro, writing your first Allegro game and more.
Cross-Platform Game Development with C++
Tutorial: "Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part II: The Allegro Platform," by Victor Volkman (August 17, 2005). Provides a brief introduction to Allegro, C++ sample code for a game built with Allegro, a discussion of audio for Allegro and more.

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