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C++ Game Programming Resource Center


C++ Game Programming Books
Game Programming In C++: Start To Finish (Game Development Series), by Erik Yuzwa (January 11, 2006). Topics include popular C++ game programming techniques and practices, game programming theory, the SDL and the OpenGL libraries, and essential Windows principles. The book also walks you through building your first game, including the engine creation, 3D programming with SDL and OpenGL, animation, audio, collision detection and networking.

Beginning C++ Game Programming (Game Development Series), by Michael Dawson (May 13, 2004). Topics include types, variables and standard I/O; truth, branching and the game loop; for loops, strings and arrays; the standard template library; functions; references; pointers; classes; advanced classes and dynamic memory; and inheritance and polymorphism. Each of the topics is presented using popular games including Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, Mad Lib, Black Jack and more.

Beginning OpenGL Game Programming (Game Development Series), by Dave Astle and Kevin Hawkins (March 19, 2004). Topics include creating a simple OpenGL application, OpenGL states and primitives, transformations and matrices, colors, lighting, blending, fog, bitmaps and images with OpenGL, texture mapping, OPenGL extensions, improving performance, displaying text, OpenGL buffers and the end game.

C++ Game Programming All in One: Advanced Programming Techniques, by Daryl Wise (October 30, 2006). Learn how to use your existing C++ programming skills to develop games, create a game framework, and learn how many of the popular game APIs work.

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