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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Introductions
Cloud Computing Definition
Cloud Computing definition from Wikipedia. Discusses what cloud computing is, potential advantages of cloud computing, the architecture, cloud storage, and cloud services.
Google and the Wisdom of Clouds
Article: "Google and the Wisdom of Clouds," by Stephen Baker. Discusses the history of Cloud Computing, what Google's cloud is, the opportunity cloud offers to small entrepreneurs and companies, how clouds can reach their potential, changing the nature of computing and scientific research, and Google 101 project.
Cloud Computing Definition
Article: "Cloud Computing," by Kushal Shah. Discusses what cloud computing is, the definition of cloud computing, the architecture of cloud computing, and cloud computing usage.
Demystifying Clouds | John M Willis ESM Blog
Blog: "Demystifying Clouds," by John M Willis. Discusses the myths of cloud computing, the facts about cloud computing, virtualization, service providers, service hybrids, pure play application specific, pure play technology, and the four levels of cloud computing.

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