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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Time to Define "Platform as a Service" (PaaS)
Blog: "Time to Define "Platform as a Service" (or PaaS) ," by Alex Barnett. Discusses the deployment and hosting of web applications as a service delivered on the cloud, what PaaS is, a detailed definition of PaaS and some important features of PaaS.’s Platform as a Service (PaaS)’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps developers create and deliver business applications on-demand without software. Features include the ability to build enterprise-class applications quickly, built-in services (including analytics, globalization, security, mobility and compliance), development as a service, application exchanges, user interface as a service and integration as a service. Links are provided to a demo, screen shots and a free trial.
Are We Moving to ‘Platform as a Service?
Article: “Are We Moving to ‘Platform as a Service?’” by David Linthicum. Discusses the components of PaaS including development, deployment, integration, design, storage and operations.
Defining Platform as a Service
Article: “Defining Platform as a Service,” from Bungee Connect Developer Network. Discusses what PaaS is and six key elements including: develop, test, deploy, host and maintain on the same integrated environment; user experience without compromise; built-in scalability, reliability, and security; built-in integration with web services and databases; support collaboration; and deep appreciation of instrumentation.
The Perils of Platform as a Service
Blog: “The Perils of Platform as a Service (It’s Not as Bad as All That!).” Discusses the lack of an ecosystem, upper limit on growth, royalties, lack of price controls, and giving SalesForce too much power over the ISV using the service.
Project Caroline: Platform as a Service
Slide presentation: “Project Caroline: Platform as a Service, For Your Service, At Your Service,” by Bob Scheifler of Sun Microsystems. Discusses Project Caroline at a glance, the system architecture, programmatic resource allocation, an example application and current implementation.
Bungee Connect PaaS
Bungee Connect from Bungee Labs. Bungee Connect is a platform environment for the development, testing, deployment and hosting of web applications. Features include highly interactive applications, increased productivity, no installs or downloads, new application possibilities, efficient development, built-in team collaboration, no need for expensive infrastructure, and predictable costs.

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