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Cloud Computing Resource Center
Cloud Computing Training Courses
Google 101 (Distributed Computing)
Free Course: “Distributed Computing with MapReduce,” from the University of Washington (Spring 2007). There are five lectures including: “Introduction to Distributed Computing (covering the scope of problems, history, parallel vs. distributed computing, parallelization and synchronization, and a prelude to MapReduce; “MapReduce: Theory and Implementation” (covering Lisp/ML map/fold review and a MapReduce overview); “Networks and Distributed Systems” (covering networking, remote procedure calls (RPC) and transaction processing systems); “Distributed Filesystems” (covering a filesystems overview, NFS and AFS (Andrew File System) and GFS); and “Other Distributed Systems” (covering DNS, BOIBC, PlanetLab, OLPC and ad hoc Mesh networks). In addition there are four labs: “Introduction to MapReduce,” A Simple Inverted Index,” “PageRank on the Wikipedia Corpus,” and “Clustering the Netflix Movie Data.”

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