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The Code Project
The Code Project Monthly Articles Contest
The Code Project runs a monthly contest for the best article on MFC/C++, C#, ASP.NET, .NET, or VB.NET. Articles must be new and related to Visual Studio/Visual Studio.NET development. This page lists the prizes for the current month, and the winners from a pervious month. In addition there are links to the guidelines for article submission ( and for submitting an article.
The Code Project's Advanced Search
The Code Project's Advanced Search allows you to to perform more targeted searches by languages (MFC/C++, C#, ASP.NET, .NET, and VB.NET), keywords, author, date, and more. The highlighting feature that will mark the keywords in your search results.
Code Project for Visual Studio .NET Developers
The Code Project is a site for Visual Studio .NET developers to share source code, articles, and tutorials and get help from the community. Access articles, tutorials, sign up for the newsletter, participate in weekly surveys, obtain industry contacts, and become a member of the community ( Topics include .NET, C#, MFC controls, C++, C++ libraries, C++ multimedia, platforms, Web/scripting and reading. The community area contains a site map, CodeProject member list, IT industry contacts, and more. The Code project section includes a jobs board, latest articles, newsletter archive, weekly surveys, latest news, information on submitting an article and more. They also include links to their partners including The Ultimate Toolbox, ASP Alliance, Developer Fusion, Developersdex, DevGuru, Planet Source Code, Programmers Heaven, and Tec-Tips Forums. In the Got Programming Questions? drop down list visitors can select from Visual C++, ALT/WTL/STL, COM, Managed C++, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Web development, .NET framework, SQL/ADO/ADO.NET, XML/XSL, Operating Systems/SysAdmin, Work Issues, Article Requests, Collaboration/Testing, General Dissuasions, Suggestions, and the Soapbox. Along the right side of the home page are links to addition areas of the site including the Lounge (for general chat), Subtle Bugs, Question Time, Most Popular and a list of Premium Sponsors. By selecting one of the languages (MFC/C++, C#, ASP.NET, .NET, or VB.NET) at appear at the top of the home page visitors get a page devoted to that topic. These pages are presented the same way as the sites home page with sections for Feature Articles, Editor's Choices, Best Picks, latest updates, Product Showcase, and more.

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