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Computer Games Resource Center

Full Sail Computer Animation Degree
Two-year bachelor degree program in Computer Animation offered by Full Sail: School of Computer Animation.
Elective Courses in Game Programming
Undergraduate program in Computer Science University of Mary Hardin-Baylor includes several elective courses in game programming.
Adobe Flash Training Resources
Adobe Flash Training: Adobe Flash Developer Center's Flash training resources. Tutorial topics include: "Introduction to Flash Game Development," "Creating and Sharing Color Themes with Kuler," "Creating Self-Voicing Puzzles in Flash," "Adding 3D to Flash Projects Using After Effects," "Migrating Flash Projects to Video," "Achieving Amazing Easing Effects in Flash," "Flash Animation Learning Guide," "Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8," "Basic Motion Tweens," "Creating Animation," "Lip Sycing in Flash," "Drawing and Animating a Character in Macromedia Flash MX2004," "Animation Killer Tips for Flash MX 2004," "Animating with Shape Tweens," "Macromedia Flash Animation: Creating Lifelike Motion Blur Effects," "Advanced Character Animation in Flash," "Using Flash for the First Time: Building a Banner; Adding Symbols, Animation, and ActionScript; Publishing and Adding the Flash File to the Web Page;" "Building Preloaders and Progress Bars in Flash," "Using the Tween and Transition Classes in Flash MX 2004," "Taking Flash Animation to DVD Video," "Drawing in Flash: A Beginner's Introduction to the Flash MX 2004 Drawing Tools," "Animation in Macromedia Flash: Squash and Stretch," "Creating 3D Classes with ActionScript 2.0," "Creating 3D Objects with Drawing Tools," "Porting Flash Animation to Mobile Phones with Flash Lite," "Integrating Flash Animations into RoboDemo Movies," "Cooking with Bigfoot" (using vectors), "Macromedia Flash MX Samples Files" (to study code), and "Character Animation with Toom Boom Studio" (using camera pans and effects).
Masters of Science Degree in Computer Games Progra
Masters of Science degree program in Computer Games Programming offered by the University of Westminster.
Masters Degree in Game Programming
Masters degree in Game Programming offered by University of Hull in the United Kingdom.
Post Graduate Degrees in Computer Games Developmen
Post-Graduate diploma and Masters of Science degree in Computer Games Development offered by Letterkenny Institute of Technology.
Software Engineering Degrees with an Emphasis on G
Software Engineering degrees with an emphasis on game programming offered by the University of Advancing Technology.
BA Degree Programs for Game Art and Design, and Ga
Bachelor degree programs from Westwood College include Game Art and Design, and Game Software Development.
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Program
Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming offered by DeVry University.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Game Prog
Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Game Programming offered through Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. Program includes design, art, programming and engineering classes
Bachelor of Technical or Professional Studies in S
University of Baltimore Bachelor of Technical or Professional Studies in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. Students study basic game design, programming, usability and experience design, design of multiplayer games and more.
Bachelor Degree Program in Computer Animation
Two-year bachelor degree program in Computer Animation offered by Full Sail: School of Computer Animation.
Game Programming I for Teens
“Game Programming I” course is designed for teens. Offered through Stanford University.
Computer Programming Courses for Teens
Computer programming courses for teens offered during vacation periods.

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