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Computer Games Resource Center

Sample Chapter: "Hack #43"
Sample chapter: "Hack #43," from Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for the Next-Generation Web Browsing, March 2005, by Nigel McFarlane. Discusses wasting time with toys and games, messing around with games, and stretching your wings with gestures and pie menus.
DarkBASIC 3D Game Creator Software
DarkBASIC 3D game creator software includes the DarkBASIC programming language, free 3D models and more.
Torque Game Engine
Use the Torque game engine to design and build your own games (separate pricing for individuals and commercial licenses). Purchase pre-designed characters, landscapes and objects (created by professional designers) to build games quickly.
International Game Developers Association Site
International Game Developers Association site includes an FAQ, a wiki, special interest groups, forums, events, technical papers, articles and more. Also includes information about the association's advocacy groups that tackle issues in game development such as censorship and diversity.
Game Industry Resources
Find the latest game industry news, feature articles, book reviews, products reviews, project galleries and more.
GameDeveloper Magazine
Subscribe to GameDeveloper magazine.

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