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Computer Games Resource Center

Free Open Source Linux Games
Collection of open source Linux games, freely available under the GPL.
Database of Linux Games
Database of Linux games includes links to the vendor, license information (free or commercial). genre and more.
Linux Platform Games For Sale
Find for-sale games for the Linux platform.
Games for the Linux Platform
Includes numerous games for the Linux platform, plus a forum and podcsts.
Linux Games Site
Linux games site includes games downloads, links to software, articles and more.
Games for the SuSE Linux Platform
Includes about a dozen games for the SuSE Linux platform.
The Linux Game Tome
The Linux Game Tome is a resource for open source Linux games. Check out the games, post your own game and chat with other open source game developers in the forums. Games Site games site. Includes games news, game development portals, 3D engines and game development kits, over 200 free games (organized by category, including board games, card games, 2D and 3D action/strategy games, educational games, etc.), console managers, console emulators and more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019